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freshOps Sales Materials

We believe freshOps, can most definitely be used as a Sales Tool, to not only win more business by demonstrating that you have the system to backup your claims, but it really helps retain customers, as they be confident that you know what is happening on their premises at all times.

From Powerpoints that outline the benefits of freshOps for your customers to approval forms for placing tags onsite, we’ve got you covered. Of course, if you are looking for something specific, to help you sell more with freshOps, let us know and we’ll work with you to create something new and exciting.



Use this to add to your Tender or Proposal Submissions. Demonstrate to Clients or Prospects that you have the systems to deliver on your promises.

Swipe & Deploy this Content into your existing Proposals and Marketing

Swipe & Deploy this Content to Introduce your Clients to your New Mobile Workforce Management Software







Do you think freshOps is AWESOME! But, you have to know go pitch to the Boss. Use this to give them the details they need consider piloting freshOps on a site.

Short little Powerpoint Vid about how freshOps empowers your business to deliver a more reliable and consistent service.

For your TEAM

Need to Send a Letter out to Workforce explaining freshOps and its’ benefits? Use this.

Rolling Out with your Team? Give them this Doc or Post it in the Staff Room.

Are your team getting confused? Use this Troubleshooter to bring them up to date with simple Hardware Requirements and setting to keep freshOps functioning properly.


Listed Tasks

Great for adding your Full Scope of Works or Simply adding Information to help your team

Listed Tasks

Requires no verification from your team at all. Use these to enter your full scope of works.

Add Standard Scope Items

Your team can just refer to them, so they constantly have access to everything that is required of them onsite.

Add Tasks that Provide Information Only

Listed Tasks are also great for adding items that aren’t particularly tasks, but information that you can upload a PDF or Link to a Video on. If you have a complicated Security System, just use a listed task and call it Security Procedure, upload the Full Instructions and/or link to a video discussing the security onsite and your away.